What is the Oneness Blessing or Deeksha?

The Deeksha Blessing is a direct transfer of intelligent sacred energy which causes the heart to open, heals relationships, quiets the chatter of the mind, opens the doors to higher states of awareness and initiates a process of Awakening into Oneness where there is no longer a sense of separateness. All that remains is the awareness of reality as it is --- the joy of being fully present in the moment. Whatever path of spiritual awakening you are on will be supported. This gift is for all of us, no matter our belief systems.

Together, we are raising the level of consciousness globally.

We begin with ourselves and through Deeksha, the ripple effect goes out to all of mankind. As consciousness is raised we can create together love and compassion for all, allowing the effects of the energy to flow out to all life on the planet and beyond. Our specific goal is to help raise the level of consciousness of our local communities. This will create a new-found compassion flowing in the hearts of our residents--which will in turn effect humanity as a whole. As Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." World peace does not happen outside of us. We have to be the peace we wish to see in the world.

The Oneness Movement is not affiliated with any religious or spiritual belief. There is no dogma associated with the path. We offer the gift of awakening to your True Self. This allows the individual to experience his/her own truth and to commune with what is Divine for him/her. Each person's process is unique, just as each of us is unique. No teachings or learnings are required or needed. All you need do is to be open to receiving what is Divine for you, and only you know what that is. As you awaken to your True Self, you will then experience life in a new and beautiful way. Others will begin to notice that you are somehow different in your actions, your appearance, in your total being. As your heart flowers with love and your connection with what is Divine for you deepens, and your consciousness is raised, you cannot hide it! You will experience life in a new way. The goal of the Oneness Movement is to liberate mankind from suffering through the gift of Grace, bringing us as a whole into a new way of life. A Golden Age for Humanity.

Experienced practitioners give Deeksha--the transmission of divine intelligent energy--by placing their hands on a recipient's head for a minute or so. The effects are cumulative, and can enhance physical healing; generate greater intimacy in relationship; promote material well-being, and, most significantly, may result in a spontaneous and effortless "awakening into oneness."

We are here to offer all seekers of inner peace and oneness an opportunity to experience life in a new profound way of connectedness and love, a world with no divisions, from the inside and out, a world of causeless love and endless joy.

The Oneness Temple in the Golden City near Chennai.


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